By not accepting insurances, I am able to keep both my costs as well as your fees at a reasonable level by not having the additional overhead required to collect payments from the insurance companies.

While I do not accept any insurances,  I will provide you with a receipt which can be submitted to your insurer to meet that deductible and/or obtain reimbursement for my professional services.

It might be best if you have concerns (regarding reimbursement) to call your insurance prior to your appointment.

Payment for sessions is due in full at the time of service.

Cash, checks, and most major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Applicable fees will be assigned for any returned checks or credit card non-payments.


$150 Mental Health Medical Management visit

$100 Vivitrol Evaluation or  Injection

$75 CDL medical exam

                                          $250 Initial evaluation/Induction for Suboxone

                                                 $150 Suboxone follow up visits