Get Treatment for Your Addiction

We offer detox treatments and addiction medication assistance in Somers Point, NJ

Getting clean is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Dawn Gadon Wellness has a variety of treatment options to help you free yourself of addiction once and for all. From detox treatments to addiction medication assistance, we provide all kinds of addiction services at our office in Somers Point, NJ.

Initial consultations must be in person. You'll need to come with your ID, medication insurance information and $150 for each visit. The insurance can cover your medication, but the office visits are out-of-pocket only. Reach out to us today for details.

Available Treatments

Vivitrol a non-addictive treatment to help alcohol and/or opiate cravings. It is a shot given once a month.

Naltrexone is a non-addictive pill taken by mouth once daily for alcohol and/or opiate cravings.

Buprenorphine an opiate that binds to the same receptors as opiates to prevent cravings for street drugs like heroin/fentanyl. It comes in a film/tablet or long acting injectable form.
Current options include: Subutex/Suboxone/Sublocade and Brixadi

For no additional charge at your monthly visit, we will evaluate mood and effectiveness of mood medications, making changes as needed along the way.

If you require a detox or a more intense treatment, we can help make recommendations or therapies for those as well.